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Nothing Can Change This Love

By Sam Cooke, Live at the Harlem Square Club, Miami, FL - January 1963

The one concert I would have gone to given a license to revisit history, Sam Cooke’s Harlem Square Club show was a triumphant end-cap to his too-short career. He’d always been hemmed in my something, whether it was the stuffy religion of performing with the Soul Stirrers or the blandening expectations of majority white audiences in the late 50s. But something at the Harlem Square club that night in 1963 burst through and he finally howled instead of crooning, letting us know what that voice could do unchained. He died just over a year later and I’ll never stop wondering what more might have come.

Picked by Will E.


By Iamdoechii

In both content and form, Iamdoechii is uncompromisingly everything. She takes "Yucky Blucky Fruitcake" as an opportunity to introduce us to her mulittidues. She raps effortlessly about secret journals, Paramore, unresolved bisexuality, precious moments of solitude and encroaching parents. All the while, she weaves in lovely vocal riffs, Nicki Minaj snarls, and hilariously relatable breakdowns. "Range" doesn't begin to cover her raw talent.

Picked by Lucas J.



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